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Power Electronic Engineer

Montreal, QC, Canada

Type d'emploi

Full Time

À propos du rôle


We develop custom receiver systems for any robots that need to connect to our system and a good understanding of electrical management is critical. The power system, battery and electrical engineer will also help in the conception of safety systems, the development of testing protocoles/methods and custom laboratory equipment for the research and development. The power supply and management is critical for the product and to deliver the proper amount of power, with high efficiency, from high power AC/DC systems to DC/DC power with high efficiency and small footprint systems. We need a strong electrical engineer to be a core member of our highly dynamic team, that build state of the art wireless power delivery. Power delivery management is critical for the Quaze system, to deliver properly the energy to the products.

Develop and design different power systems, either AC/DC (low or high frequencies) or DC/DC systems.
• Being inventive on the development of new topologies to reduce footprint, improve efficiency, improve the power vs footprint, and optimise the versatility of a solution.
• Provide electrical engineering support as part of a small, dynamic, cross- functional team who owns a large scale power system.
• Review system test results, using Python, Spice simulation, and finite element modeling data analysis to ensure appropriate hardware behaviour.
• Execute system tests exploring the performance envelope, exposing system weaknesses, and maximizing efficiency and power of our systems.
• Drive to root cause and corrective action to enable continuous
improvement of the power system.
• Analyze power system designs and field failures, and work with other
engineers to identify the highest value test opportunities and priorities.
• Help in the development of impedance envelop and impedance matching
• Help in assessing the safety feature required in the systems.
• Develop a high understanding of battery designs, management and



  • Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering

  • 3+ years of experience with power electronics, power systems or battery systems.


  • Experience with power systems that run at hundreds of volts and multiple kilowatts.

  • Experience with batteries, batteries management, charging and designing.

  • Hands on experience with power electronics design.

  • Exposure testing for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

  • Experience with electrical test equipment (oscilloscopes, multi meters, etc.)

  • Proficiency with Python, Spice simulations

  • Experience with testing systems, and simulations.

  • Experience drafting formal test plans and reports.

À propos de l'entreprise

Quaze is a company that specializes in charging systems for robots used by civil and the defence industries. Our goal is to provide our customers with products that allow their robots to run continuously and autonomously. We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services, while always keeping our customer's needs at the forefront of everything we do.

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