is breaking the rule of energy supply

Turn any surface into a Quaze powered surface!

Any scale of surface

Up to 500W

For each electric product

User friendly 

Abstract Background

Wireless power

Experience the unlimited freedom of full surface multipoint high wattage wireless power.  Quaze provides surface power across the entirety of any non-metallic surface.

Video Game Invention

Express new limitless creativity

Express your creativity by making new product without limits!

Think outside the... power outlet!  What if you no longer must create products with the constraint of power cords or battery. What if you could have access to an infinite source of energy just by being close to a Surface…  That’s the power of Quaze. Unlocking new scope of possibilities to create products that we are not yet able to imagine.  Welcome into the future!

Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 6.47.08 PM.png

Power everything

Desktops, Laptops, Monitors, Keyboards, Mice, Gamepads, Headsets, Lights, Microphones, Tablets,...

and yes… even Phones.

Surface power

Power any devices

Quaze gets rid of batteries since it constantly supplies power to devices via any surfaces.

Enable new possibilities

Battery management is now a thing of the past! Go wild and create products that can use as much power as they need… not just what a USB port can offer. 

Express your creativity 

Quaze changes the way you access power.  Create new solutions, creative ideas without being limited by energy management.