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Quaze Surface Power Technology revolutionizes the way devices are powered, enabling easy and reliable wireless transmission of energy anywhere on Earth or in space


Advancing Wireless Power Distribution on Large Surfaces with Multi-Device, High-Power Capabilities.


Unleash the scientific breakthrough of Quaze, where large surfaces become dynamic hubs of wireless and seamless power transmission. Our innovative technology enables the effortless delivery of power to any device, anywhere on a given surface. With exceptional power output and adaptability to any environment, Quaze revolutionizes energy access, propelling scientific progress and unlocking new frontiers in technology.


Quaze surfaces, powered by magnetic resonance, are scalable to suit various applications. Whether it's providing continuous power to robots operating on expansive factory floors or enabling convenient energy refueling for autonomous robotics, Quaze surfaces utilize magnetic resonance for wireless power transfer. This technology offers a seamless and efficient solution to power multiple devices across a wide surface area.


Our groundbreaking technology revolutionizes the charging experience by allowing multiple devices to be charged simultaneously. This innovation transforms the way we power and interact with our devices, eliminating the need for separate charging cables and the limitations of precise charging zones. With seamless integration, it provides a clutter-free and convenient charging solution for a wide range of devices.


Supplying energy from surfaces to never be disconnected or discharged again

Quaze is able to provide the energy required for any equipment wirelessly from any surface. Every electrical hardware close to the surface can be powered or recharged.


Operate in environments where maintaining a low electromagnetic signature is crucial with confidence, thanks to our innovative technology.

Our products has been engineered with utmost precision to achieve an incredibly low electromagnetic signature, approaching near-zero levels.

Through meticulous design and advanced shielding methods, we have minimized electromagnetic emissions to an extraordinary degree, ensuring an unparalleled level of discretion and privacy. With its close-to-zero electromagnetic footprint, our product offers enhanced security and reduces the risk of detection or interception.

Embrace a new era of electromagnetic stealth with our state-of-the-art product.



Our products demonstrates meticulous adherence to the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) regulations, guaranteeing its safety for human use.

By implementing cutting-edge electromagnetic radiation control techniques, we have effectively minimized the SAR levels emitted by our product, ensuring they fall well below the regulatory thresholds established by relevant authorities.

With comprehensive SAR compliance measures in place, users can confidently engage with our product, enjoying its advanced features while safeguarding their health.

Our commitment to technical precision and stringent SAR regulation adherence underscores our dedication to providing a secure and risk-free user experience.


Our product is designed with utmost consideration for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements.

Through rigorous testing and implementation of advanced shielding techniques, we ensure that our product operates seamlessly without causing interference to other electronic devices or being susceptible to external electromagnetic disturbances.

By prioritizing EMI and EMC compliance, we guarantee a reliable and interference-free user experience. Choose our product for a harmonious coexistence with other electronic equipment in any environment.

Trailblazers, harness Quaze boundless potential to set yourself apart in your field.


You are a drone or an equipment OEM looking for a versatile, wireless power transfer solution that works anywhere?

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